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Shanghai DLG Trading Co., Ltd.

121 YanPing Road, Room 18F2, JingAn District
Shanghai, 200042

Tel: +8613701821891

Contact: Rodrigo Duarte
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Trading Company, Buying Office, Exporter/Importer
Year Established: 2014
Annual Sales Volume: $1M to $5M
Annual Purchasing Volume: $1M to $5M
Ownership Type: Sole Proprietorship
Registered Capital: $101,000 to $250,000
Harmonized System Codes: 3907 7415 8308

Business Message

Established in 2014, Shanghai DLG is a new and innovative company that mainly focuses on the export of construction materials and related products including tools, textiles, toys, electronics, LED lights, office supplies, household goods, furniture, and more. Through an extensive network of domestic Chinese suppliers, our team ensures that the products received by clients are of the highest quality and meet all requirements.
Located in the center of Shanghai’s Jing’an District, our multilingual team will help you achieve the total sourcing solution to all your product needs. Our team of experts has the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to conduct business and communicate your needs to suppliers in China.
Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai DLG conducts reliable import and export operations as well as consulting services in China. We provided the sourcing solutions needed by clients through a flexible and experienced team of experts with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture.
Chinese Entity with a Western Mindset
As the Chinese government continues to accelerate the rules and regulations required for foreign companies doing business in China, now more than ever it is essential to work with a company that is based in Mainland China. Shanghai DLG, is the Chinese entity you need.
✓ Located in Shanghai
✓ Extensive network of domestic Chinese suppliers
✓ 100% Foreign owned and invested
✓ Western mindset and practices
✓ In-depth knowledge of Chinese business practices
✓ Provides a link between your company and Chinese suppliers and government

WFOE: Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise
As a wholly foreign owned enterprise, Shanghai DLG grants you the freedom and independence to do business in China without the hassle of involving a Chinese partner. We provide you with more than just representation in China, we work with you to ensure your business is carried out the way you want.
✓ Full control of human resources
✓ Ability to hire Chinese labor
✓ Convert Chinese RMB profits to US Dollars
✓ Protection of intellectual property in China
✓ Legal rights & protections in court disputes against Chinese companies
✓ Acquire land rights for factory set up


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